Custom Front Yard Landscaping

3D custom front yard landscape design and construction for this single-family homeowner located in Pitt Meadows B.C.

Here's How We Did It

Homeowner's Wishes:

For some properties, one of the biggest concerns is how to make your front entrance look amazing while building on difficult terrain. With their house located at the top of a large slope, the landscape needed retaining walls that would add detail and definition to the yard. To achieve this, we added valley stone retaining walls that create different heights of garden beds on either side of a multi-level staircase. 

The smaller beds were filled in with a variety of white flowering plants and hedging which compliment the bright white river rock stones featured along the walkway. The main bed was planted with a variety of deciduous trees and woodruff ground cover. As a result, the multi-story garden beds create a seamless transition from the base of the property to the entrance of the house.  

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