How it Works

All done online, our landscaping estimating & installation process allows you to start (& finish) your outdoor project without even leaving the house. Our team will bring the materials, labour, and information straight to your front door step.


Create Project

Set Up Profile

Set up your profile to access all of your projects, calendar, and receive notifications of updates.

Describe Work

Start your project by clicking "Hack My Yard" and enter all the required information. Tell us what work you want done, style preferences, and budget. Make sure to inform us of no-touch areas and any restrictions.

upload outdoor photos

Take photos of your outdoor space, all the access points, and areas of focus. Submit inspiration photos or videos to help us understand your vision better.

Step #2 Review, revise, & approve your project

Review Project

request revisions

Once you receive your project proposal, you can review it and request unlimited free revisions. This include changing the project scope, materials, or quantities.

choose the work

Whether you're an avid gardener or just want the work done for you, you have the choice to install the materials yourself or have our full-service team complete the project for you.

schedule the project

After project approval, you are able to schedule your project and pay the required 10% deposit.

Step #3: complete your project

Start Project

Delivery of material

We will delivery all the supplies, materials, and equipment to your property to begin the project.

landscaping & construction

The landscaping and construction of your project officially begins. Based on the timeline confirmed, our crew will conduct the work accordingly and provide you with any needed updates.

Extra work requests

You have the option to request additional work outside of the project's scope. All extra work completed will be billed by time and materials unless you request to have it to be quoted beforehand. All extra work requests must be approved by your Yard Hack Guide.

Ready to start your project?

Whether you know what you’re looking to get done or you need help from the start, our Yard Hack Guides can support you along the way. Create your account now.